Success Stories

Accomplished With Your Support

From attaining college degrees to becoming first-time homeowners, Jerusalem House residents inspire with their achievements. With our counselors, all of our residents set goals in Individual Service Plans when they enter one of our housing programs. The plans are customized according to each resident’s health and ability.

Felicia Felicia
“Felicia” was diagnosed with HIV during a trip to the emergency room for what she thought was high blood pressure. She lost her job and her home in the devastating emotional and physical tailspin that ensued. Her health began to improve immediately after moving into a Jerusalem House program apartment. As she recovered, Felicia began volunteering at a local AIDS service organization. Today, she conducts workshops nationwide on living with HIV and reproductive justice for HIV-positive women.Through her attendance at required Jerusalem House-sponsored budgeting classes, Felicia organized her finances. After her health improved, she decided to move back to self-sufficient housing. Initially seeking to rent an apartment, Felicia realized that with her newfound financial stability, she was capable of purchasing a home! She closed on a four-bedroom house and hosted her family holiday celebrations for the first time.
Larry Larry
Larry was working for a software company when he became extremely sick with AIDS. As the disease ravaged his immune system, Larry spent weeks in the hospital and lost his job and apartment. He arrived at the original Jerusalem House “looking for a place to die,” not knowing it would become his saving grace. Moving into the Program for Adults gave Larry access to new, life-saving medications. The pharmaceutical cocktail he was prescribed raised his T-cell count from one (which he named “Abraham”) to 128. The lesions which covered his body went away; within months, his T-cells rose to over 200.Larry was able to move back to independent housing in 1998 and now owns a thriving pet sitting business. From 2009-2013 he served on the Jerusalem House Board of Directors. Larry continues to speak and volunteer regularly in the community to educate others about issues facing individuals living with HIV/AIDS. 
A resident of the Jerusalem House Family Program since 2007, Marie is the mother of two pre-school aged girls, one of whom is HIV positive. Marie not only achieved her GED diploma in 2010, but also received the highest score on that exam in the State of Georgia. Not one to rest on her laurels, Marie also completed course work and passed the state exams to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) within a six month period.This mother of two clearly has not allowed her HIV status or formerly homeless situation keep her down. She truly exemplifies the transformative power of permanent supportive housing.